PowaKaddy SPORT 18 Hole Unit Free-Entry Winner is Matt Nash (Oxfordshire).

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PowaKaddy SPORT 18 Hole Unit. Includes battery and charger, and also includes 2 free accessories from either travel cover, umbrella holder, scorecard holder or umbrella.

This superbly engineered trolley combines the latest lightweight and super strength materials with a powerful 200 watt motor. It is very stable, easy to manoeuvre and folds in a no-fuss, 3 way movement to fit into the smallest of car boots.

Features include a fantastic new ergonomic soft grip handle, built-in responsive speed control roller with a choice of 9 speeds, a soft touch standby switch, and a separate Digital Distance Function (DDF) button allowing direct access to this feature.

The stylish sports wheels are easily removable and wide wheels are also available as an optional extra for when you need extra stability on hilly courses.

Whether you are a serious or occasional golfer, the PowaKaddy SPORT is designed to suit your game.

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Free Entry Draw for the PowaKaddy has ended and the winner is Matt Nash of Witney, Oxfordshire.

More information about PowaKaddy at Full Deal Description link (left) and at www.powakaddy.com.

Company Details

PowaKaddy is the number one name in golf trolleys, cart bags and accessories. The best selling brand in over 50 countries, everything from our ultra lightweight frames to clever high tech features is testament to our obsession with detail. It’s what makes PowaKaddy exceptional in every way. More than that, it’s what helps you to be the player you want to be.

Designed to Perfection
Good looking yet uncompromisingly robust, a PowaKaddy trolley handles anything you can throw at it. PowaKaddy’s in house quality department puts every product through its paces. Your trolley will be exposed to all conditions on the course, so we test to the extreme, simulating many rounds of golf, subjecting the trolley to UV light, rain, dust, extreme temperatures and the roughest terrain.

Outclass the Competition
Whether you’re a weekend golfer or a pro, PowaKaddy gives you the best in quality, technology, design, materials and styling.

Save Energy
With more time spent travelling to the next shot than actually hitting the ball, tiredness and loss of performance is a real issue. PowaKaddy’s lightweight frame and ergonomic design ensures that your energy goes into your swing – not on hauling your bag between holes. With fuel in reserve, you’ll enjoy better, lasting performance. Just like the pros.

Prevent Injury
The average golf bag weighs between 10 and 20kg so it’s little wonder that golfers are prone to stiff, painful shoulders and back injuries. Add extreme weather and uneven terrain to the mix and transporting your equipment becomes a challenge. By letting PowaKaddy take the strain of carrying your bag you can walk at a comfortable pace, keeping fit and reducing your risk of injury.

Improve Your Game
Taking advantage of innovative design to give you the competitive edge is plain common sense. You might be limited to what you can physically carry, but a PowaKaddy will transport everything you could possibly need with effortless control. From the moment you tee off at the first hole to your celebratory round at the clubhouse, you’re going to notice the difference with a PowaKaddy.

Performance demands more than skill. What you do in between shots is just as important. Through intelligent design and advanced technology, the PowaKaddy range helps you save energy, avoid injury and transport your equipment with ease. That leaves you free to concentrate on the one thing that matters – your game.

PowaKaddy Tel: 07534944888 PO Box 6375, Basildon